The Truth About Butterflies

Truth about Butteflies FINAL copy

The Truth about Butterflies is a lesbian erotic fiction collection containing two stories about first-time lesbian experiences. It is published on the Kindle.

Desire can arise when it's least expected and change everything …

In Butterfly Girl, Abi's marriage is happy enough but she's bored. When she meets Tina online, they quickly become friends. Soon their virtual friendship becomes the mainstay of Abi's life, and when Tina propositions her, Abi's initial surprise gives way to an unexpected and overwhelming desire.

In Truth or Dare, Kate and Suzie have always been best friends, for as long as they can remember. However, one night at the pub away from their men leads them both to startling revelations as they resurrect their old childhood game of Truth or Dare.

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"I would like to read more LBGT literature featuring women. I hope I have the opportunity to do so, as I don't think same sex attracted females/lesbians get a good deal when it comes to erotic books, works of fiction, or movies for that matter. I feel Anne Brooke gives them a lovely voice here in The Truth About Butterflies." [Read the rest of this 4-star review at KazzaK Book Reviews and Therapy]

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