The Gift of The Snow

GiftofSnow SM

The Gift of The Snow is published by Untreed Reads.

When Andi moves into her new house, she knows from the outset that it's different. One autumn night, she discovers how different it is when she wakes to find that her past, and the woman she left behind so long ago, aren't quite so far away after all. Will she succumb to her own fear of the unknown or will an old love be strong enough to protect her?

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"This is a story that starts with a little bit of mystery and ends with a little bit of magic … Negative memories come back to Andi; then these melt into something nice. There is a bit of sensuality in these memories, adding a touch of spiciness to the story. Symbolism is used well here, and the tale has an interesting ending." [Read the rest of this review at Long and Short Reviews]

"Anne Brooke never disappoints. I love the way she uses these short stories to allow the reader to make their own interpretations of her words. Interestingly I actually read the last paragraph over a few times as it seemed to give me a different ending each time." [Read the rest of this review at On Top Down Under Reviews]

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