The Delaneys at Home (Delaneys *5)

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The Delaneys at Home is the 5th book in the Delaneys Series and is published by Amber Allure Press

Liam is ready for a whole new life with the dangerous Delaney twins, and dives into it with great enthusiasm. But when the men reveal they know he's not been entirely honest with them about his previous art career, the scene is set for a rather different experience of punishment. Can Liam rise to the occasion this time around?

More than that, Liam's gallery boss appears to be in cahoots with the Delaneys about the talents Liam's convinced he simply doesn't have. Will he find the twins' commitment to his profession rather more than even he can handle?

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"With each new installment in this series, my anticipation grows exponentially for the next. I wish the stories were longer, I wish Anne Brooke could write them faster, and if I'm being totally honest, I think I sort of wish I had my very own Delaneys to play with. If you're a fan of this sexy little series, don't miss this one. I think it may be my favorite yet." [Read the rest of this 5-star review at The Novel Approach]

"A very strong and very sexy story with hints of BDSM and as such I can recommend it." [Read the rest of this review at Brief Encounter Reviews]

"I always say the same about this series and the writing - it is witty, charming, clever and sexy. So much is covered in so few words. That's talent." [Read the rest of this review at KazzaK Book Reviews and Therapy]

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