School for Doms

Lashings of Sauce cover

Comedy romance School for Doms is published in the UK GLBTQ Meet 2012 anthology, Lashings of Sauce.

Long-term submissive Christopher is more than happy with his rather quirky career teaching dominants how to succeed in the BDSM world. However, when he meets Joseph in one of his beginners' classes, he begins to wonder if he's taken on rather more than he can chew …

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"BDSM is not one of my usual preferences, but Anne Brooke's School for Doms was one hot number. Told from the POV of a sub teaching a class for newbie doms, it focused on the more psychological and sexy elements, and promised a HFN with some staying power. Rawr." [Read the rest of this 4.5 star review at Jessewave Reviews]

"There are stories of new love, lost love, and renewal; stories of temptation and unrequited love; stories of healing and hope; stories that made me laugh out loud, smile, sigh, brought a lump to my throat, and a few of them were just flat-out, unapologetically sexy. Whatever the case, whatever the conflict, whatever the cause, each of the characters found their way to the beginning of their happy ending." [Read more of this 5-star review at The Novel Approach]

"One very hot bdsm story. Think screen melting hot and very sexy with a touch of serious." [Read more of this 5-star review of School for Doms at Rarely Dusty Books]

"I adored this story so much because despite the inexperience ratio, the Dom was a Dom and the sub was still a sub. I would love to see another story about them." [A comment about School for Doms from a 5-star review of Lashings of Sauce at Mrs Condit Reads Books]

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